Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Welcome back to all the drama of On Concrete Shelves....

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Read An Excerpt Here:

It had been four months. 
An autumn’s breeze had already taken the place of the sticky summer’s heat and if nothing else was on Shannon Jurado’s mind she would have been thankful. The petite blond shoved a couple strands of hair to the side of her face and tried to smile at the mirror in front of her. It was becoming a struggle for the woman in her early-forties and the creases in her face had begun to shape her self-esteem as well. 

Shannon had been stuck in her hotel room for weeks at a time and even when she was allowed to leave it didn’t seem like she could get far. It troubled Shannon to be in the same town as most of her loved ones... and yet she wasn’t allowed to make contact with any of them. Of course she knew the consequences; that she would be putting any one of them in danger if word got out that she was indeed alive and well. But knowing didn’t make things any better.

Even though she had Jon to keep her company, the US Marshal wasn’t much company when he was stressed out, and trying to find the perfect way to get a woman who many believe to be deceased out of her hometown had become tricky. So they had spent four months in hiding. 

There were times when Shannon hid herself in a scarf and huge framed sunglasses -- Jon would quip about her many useless disguises -- and she would find herself in the park sitting on a bench and hoping to see someone she knew. All Shannon needed was a glimpse of her childhood to calm her down. Jon always tagged along to watch out for her. She knew his intentions and never grew angry with him. 

He had become a confidant in the two years they had spent together. Jon had become the closest thing Shannon has had to a friend, and then under the cover of the Georgia stars about five months into her new life, the two became more than friends. It was a release from her thoughts, from the stress and depression of never seeing her family again. They were talking about her old life, how she had worked so hard to make her father proud of her and to have it all just be for nothing and then Jon leaned into her and they kissed for the first time.