Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Families of Stone Creek

The Thurlow Family
Henry Samuel Thurlow and his lovely wife Sarah Marie lived in Sparrow Peak their whole lives. Through his father he learned how to be a woodsman and took care of his little family as they grew. A family founded on hard-work, honesty and trust it was their son Lewis Thurlow who first left Sparrow Peak. With his wife Elizabeth Thurlow they arrived in Stone Creek against their parents wishes. It was their son Edward Samuel Thurlow who built the Thurlow Lumber Mill that pushed this family into the upper-class society of Stone Creek in the 1930’s. The next generations of the hard-working Thurlow family began to follow suit...

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The Sutton Family
One of the founding families, Arthur Clarence Sutton arrived in the settlement of Stone Creek in the 1800’s and ruthlessly began to claim the land as his own. The wealth of the Sutton family is legendary in the now established city of Stone Creek. While Arthur’s great-grandson Curtis Sutton developed the Sutton Enterprises it was Curtis’ wife, Adeline Lucille, who provided the future female Sutton clan members with their own power. She invested in local properties and left these gold mines to the most deserving Sutton women in her will. A tradition that carries on to this day with Patsy Sutton Clarke owning many buildings in Stone Creek...
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The Wilkinson Family
Leonard Wilkinson brought his family to Stone Creek a couple years after the settlers set-up camp in the 1800’s. He became the local doctor and with the help of his wife, Eleanor Clara Wilkinson, opened up a clinic which was later bought by Adeline Sutton and developed into the Stone Creek Memorial Hospital decades later. The Wilkinson family produced many significant doctors until the late 1880’s when Gilbert Noah Wilkinson became the Chief of Police of Stone Creek a legacy that has since been passed down from each generation. Known for their compassion and open-mindedness the Wilkinson’s became the first interracial family in Stone Creek, adopting Gideon Wilkinson in 1967...
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The Schmidt Family 
Jasper Michael Schmidt was a close family friend to the Wilkinson family and sent his only son, Robert David, to Stone Creek after Leonard built his clinic so that he could teach Robert everything he knew. There, in 1821, was where Robert met his wife a young woman named Nancy Grace Fielding and they started a family. Once Adeline seized the clinic from the Wilkinson family she kept the Schmidt family in-charge and later forced most of the Wilkinson Family either out of practice or out of town. Jasper Schmidt died an angry man for his families betrayal of the honorable Wilkinson family. In the 1990’s Dr. Lionel Schmidt would later give-up the families legacy when he stepped down as Chief of Staff and handed the seat to his friend Dr. Jeremy Joplin instead of his son, Dr. David Schmidt. Many claimed the family’s past as coming full circle...

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The Nelson Family 
One of the founding families, Vernon Timothy Nelson, was a naive farmer that settled in Stone Creek in the 1800’s in hopes to find prosperity in it’s soil. Although their harvest was a success and provided for many of the founding families, their bad luck got the best of them. His wife, Harriet Jean, suffered from numerous miscarriages and once she was able to bore a baby boy she was advised to keep the baby away from Stone Creek until he was eighteen. A con that molded the Nelson family for the next generations. Taken in by the kind-hearted founding families, the Nelson’s were washed from the more wealthier and societal types and soon were forgotten as the great farmers that they once were... 
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The Joplin Family 
Born into wealth, the mighty Joplin clan settled into Stone Creek in the mid 1800’s and made a play for power in the town. Although they didn’t succeed, somehow they managed to stay in the inner circle of the most elite families of the town. It was Jeremiah Ellis Joplin that developed the first practice with the help of his close friend, Maurice Herman Maverick, in the early 1900’s. Although most of the family has been known to have a ruthless streak there are few members of the Joplin clan that have developed a kind-heart for the people around them. The family has been known to shun those that don’t reside in their societal surroundings...
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