Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Stone Creek Ledger

Looking for the latest local or national news? The Stone Creek Ledger has kept the citizens of Stone Creek in the know for two decades now. Owned and operated by Seth Keeler, a native to Cuttlebone County, he has made it his mission to bring only true facts to his readers hands. Although being connected to the Sutton family by blood has caused him to blur the lines...
Assistant Co-Editors: Marina Thurlow & Olivia Joplin
Whenever it Snows

Everybody knows that the late February Snow Storm is one of the deadliest times of year in Stone Creek -- if not the whole Cuttlebone County -- thus far. There's something about late winter that just doesn't work in the small City. This year the townspeople want to do things a little different in the City, starting with Caitlyn Thurlow who had recently recovered from the loss of her daughter, Danielle, who readers learned was actually Emily Roscoe upon her death. 

"Caitlyn has not only lost Danielle once, but three times, in fact. So having to go through so much loss has weakened her spirit from the rather put-together and sunny person she was at the start of the series," cries the creator, "She wants to start over, and what better way than to throw a party?"

In the first episode she appraoches the men who run the Lakeside Inn in hopes that they would be willing to host a Winter Wonderland themed Ball taking place during the late winter snow storm. 

This Ball will definitely be getting the whole canvas together under one room, so there is definitely going to be sparks flying! An umbrella storyline is one that Stone Creek has been missing for awhile, although we tried really hard with Rodney Burnett, things didn't really come to fruition. 

Look for a familiar face from the past to pop-up in Stone Creek during the event! 

"It was finally time to bring this character back as they have a lot of impact on many things going on around Stone Creek. If we were looking for someone who has more connection on the canvas right now... it would definitely be this character! We are excited for this and hope the readers are too!"

The Winter Wonderland Ball begins in episode 4.05, secretively titled, "I Was Once A Loyal Lover."
Comings & Goings
The opening of Seasn Four deals with the recasting of Taylor Kern, who was previously portrayed by the talented Scott Clifton. [a little side note, I've used the representation of Clifton in most of my previous series. There's just something about the man that I love]. 

On a more serious note, storyline has dictated a change of face for the eldest Kern son. Although Mr. Clifton has shown on screen that he is more than capable of carrying out this storyline with his tremendous talent, it was decided a change was needed. While Scott was perfect for the beginnings of who Taylor was it is his current storyline that needed a fresh outlook. So the addition of Matt Lauria as the new Taylor Kern was needed.

"Taylor has finally achieved his goal of getting Aidan Jurado," stated an inside source, "but that doesn't mean their relationship is going to be perfect. Don't look for Amanda to be doing much damage between these two, however, as we deal more with Aidan's psych a lot more this season."

Mr. Lauria first appears in episode 4.01 "How Many Lights Do You See?"

The Love Story between Frank and Deborah Nelson is going in a new direction -- gone are the days when they were a self-contained wreck! "I had spent so much time on weaving them into this perfect dysfunctional unit where their trust for one another was the key thing keeping them apart." The creator penned, "Then I added Lucy Hahn back into the mix to see how they would react and they stood strong -- albeit Deborah didn't even know what was happening through most of the storyline." 

It seems the future for this couple is taking a new turn. The addition of their daughter, Laurie Jonas [nee Nelson] in the first episode of Season Four, will put them in unfamiliar territory. Not only will they have to try and fix -- maintain, and even repair -- their faulty marriage, but they now have to help their daughter do the same to hers. As many readers will recall in the 4.01 episode, "How Many Lights Do You see?" we get a glimpse into the life Laurie has been living. 

"Having these similarities is our way of being able to show a different direction Deborah could have went in," noted the creator, "Laurie isn't as easy to let things slip like Deborah is. She's a more defined, no nonesense prototype, which is fresh and new for a storyline that has been back-and-forth for Three Years!"

Look forward to how Laurie defines her parents marriage -- and her own. While both parties come to terms with where their marriage actually is and how they go about fixing it... if that ends up being the case for them in the end.