Wednesday, September 21, 2011

About the Series

On Concrete Shelves is a fictional web series that tells the story of a group of residents and families that live in the small city of Stone Creek. It was created in 2009, but made its web premiere in late April of 2010.

Once a small Hillside town Stone Creek has since blossomed into a small city stretching across a grassy plateau in fictitious Cuttlebone County. To one boarder lies the gallant lake named after the County in which it resides in. In the once busy district of Sage Gardens, excluded from the hustle and bustle of city life, is where most of Stone Creeks rich history is kept alive. On the once grassy plateau the district known as "Now Town' has engulfed the once quiet town into an invested city where anything can happen and where dreams come alive.

The series follows the founding families; The Suttons whose older generation was raised on success and power but has since seen the younger generation soften. The Nelson family who prospered on the misfortune and affliction it harbored towards its inner circle of family. With a legacy in the law enforcement the Wilkinson family inspired wisdom, hope and safety. Lastly, the Schmidt’s whose brains and modesty brought trust in the hospitals of the town. With the inclusion of Stone Creek’s newest legacy: The Thurlow’s whose strong family values and powerful driven characteristics have paved the way for a better foundation.

© 2010-2011 Michael Marquez. On Concrete Shelves is a work of fiction all actors pictures are used for visual respresntation and have no affiliation with the series.