Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Around Town

Take a drive through Stone Creek, where you can grab a cup of coffee at Alice’s Haven Cafe in the historical Sage Gardens. Find adventure in the bustling district labelled ‘Now Town’ for the fast-paced industrial revolution that brought Stone Creek from a sleepy mountainside town to a simplistic coming-to-age city. Take Cutler Road up to the Boulstridge Mountains and spend an afternoon sunbathing on Cuttlebone Lake.

Boulstridge Mountains
Named after Merton Boulstridge -- a man who was the first to venture into the mountains and built a cabin near Cuttlebone Lake. Boulstridge later died in his cabin and had become a tall tale told by the local teens for centuries. Taking up a third of Stone Creek, the mountains are near the most north of the City and is home to the biggest lake in Cuttlebone County, the old english styled Lakeside Inn, a small docking harbor and a series of cabin styled homes that line the main road through the mountains.

Cutler Road, Stone Creek
Cuttlebone Lake
A vast lake of water that spans across the Boulstridge Mountains in Stone Creek and into the lakeside town of Wolf’s Point. A secured boating dock is located near the Lakeside Inn and houses the many boats of Stone Creeks inhabitants. Although for years tourism had declined, Charlie Sutton bought its neighboring Inn and hoped to restore the Inn and the Lake to their one-time glory.

Cutler Road, Stone Creek
Lakeside Inn
Recently owned by Charlie Sutton, the remodeled Inn was historic for housing the most famous of guests. Abandoned in the late 70s because of financial issues, the golf course has recently re-opened and after three years, the Inn has began to build a clientele once more. The Annual Founder’s Ball found a home in the Inn and is held here in late April of every year. Aidan Jurado is the Event Coordinator, while Amanda Tucker takes a few bartending jobs every now-and-again.
980 Cutler Rd., Faustino Cottages #12 Stone Creek 
Joplin Home
Buried in the Boulstridge Mountains on Cutler Road, Diem Joplin moved into one of the futuristic cottages to get away from the noisy district of Now Town. Most of her visitors come to either find comfort in her modern naturalist lifestyle or seek her PI assistance. When her daughter Olivia Joplin moved back to Stone Creek in 2012, her mother insisted she live with her.
980 Cutler Rd., Faustino Cottages #7, Stone Creek.
Sutton Home
Charlie and Kirsten Sutton needed a home that was close in proximity to both Alice’s Haven Cafe and the Lakeside Inn. So in the mountains on Cutler Road was where they chose to reside with their daughter, Megan Sutton. After her divorce from Patrick Sutton, Charlie's mother -- a recovering alcoholic-- Charlene Nelson moved in with the small family.

980 Cutler Rd., Faustino Cottages #10, Stone Creek.
Marlowe Home
Natalie Marlowe’s parents bought her a home in the Faustino Cottages. Away from the stressful city life, her futuristic home looks out into the thick forest of the Boulstridge Mountains. Although Natalie no longer resides in Stone Creek, her best friend Amanda Tucker still lives in the cottage.

1525 Mauve Ln., Stone Creek
Willow Glen Manor
A luxurious home built for Jared and Kelly Marlowe deep in the Boulstridge Mountains and far closer to Cuttlebone Lake than the Faustino Cottages. When the Marlowe’s officially left town in early 2012, Emmet Thurlow and Iris Galloway rented the home from them.

Sage Gardens
Which was once known as the center of the town, Sage Gardens is old town Stone Creek at its best. With historical buildings, landscapes and Inns it's a wonder how some get lost in the quaint little district of Stone Creek. Located between Now Town and Boulstridge Mountains, a trip to Alice's Haven Cafe for a nice cup of coffee before venturing into the mountains is a must!

Alice's Haven Cafe
Located in Sage Gardens. This small quaint cafe is owned and operated by Kirsten Sutton. The cafe remains a place where most citizen's stop in for a cup of coffee or a friendly brunch with their family. It takes it’s name from Alice Caulfield, a woman who had much honor in Stone Creek for years. When Adrian Stone returned to Stone Creek he rented the apartment above the cafe. At one time, Abigail Jenkins was a waitress here.

Gladys's Bistro
The warmth of the small town restaurant draws crowds from around the city throughout the entire day. Old fashion dinning with a little Italian edge. You can hear Gladys herself -- and her memorable belch of a laugh throughout the restaurant as she makes conversation, greets and recalls memories of long ago.

Thurlow Lumber Mill
Located on the northern outskirts of Sage Gardens because of the large woods that reside there. The Lumber Mill was constructed by Edward Lewis Thurlow and he went on to pass the legacy to his children. Many hardworking citizens of Stone Creek have found employment here.

Langford Willow Inn
Located on the outskirts of Sage Garden's and near the more abandoned area of Stone Creek it resides next to mostly forest and moss that has taken up residence behind it. Although it was once one of the most prestigious Inn's in Stone Creek its location has since rendered it nearly un-operational.

Shenanigan’s Nightclub
Dangerously close to being part of Now Town, the hip and sleek nightclub has found itself growing in population. Although most question the fact that the basement has been converted into a retro strip club. Owned by Clifton Briggs. Amanda Tucker is a bartender here.

Stone Creek Community Park
A quaint park, that is located across from Alice’s Haven Cafe, is the perfect place to hold a picnic, a family function or to just sit and dream your life away.

505 Auburn Rd., Stone Creek
Thurlow Cottage
A generational home, James Thurlow, fixed up the cottage after his father died and moved his family in when Anita Thurlow needed help. Once Marina was born, however, Anita turned the cottage over to James and bought a home for herself in Paris to be near Shannon. James and Caitlyn now reside here, with his son Emmet taking up residence in the guest room every now and then.

507 Auburn Rd., Stone Creek
Wilkinson Cottage
Not far from the Thurlow Cottage, the Wilkinson Cottage has been bestowed the same history. Penelope left the house to Gideon and his wife, Daphne, after her husband Grady was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she decided to travel the world. Daphne and Gideon reside here and now that Penelope is back in Stone Creek, she resides in the Cottage as well.

341 Wallow St., Stone Creek
Schmidt Home
After his wife died, David couldn’t leave his home behind and moved in his current wife, Helen. When Gail came back to Stone Creek, she took up residence here for awhile with her close friend, Dizzy Roberts.

1507 Mango St., Stone Creek
Holly Oak Manor
On a street that is isolated to most of Stone Creek, Holly Oak, is home to the Sutton Family. Known for their luxurious lifestyle, the extravagant manor was built in the early 1900’s but has been through many renovations. Patrick Sutton lives here. Charlene and her children once lived here as well.

745 W. Lavender St., Stone Creek
Old Granger Manor
On the same street as Holly Oak, this mysterious and grand home was once owned by Justice Granger. Believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the Granger family who had fallen sick to a flu that swept through Stone Creek it has been vacant for many years. But in 2010 Damien Crenshaw moved himself and his fiance, Gillian Sutton here.

510 Auburn Rd., Stone Creek
Nelson Home
Frank Nelson bought this home after he had married Deborah, to appear as if they had money. Once he went into business with his dear friend, James, he was able to afford the home. They raised all three of their children here.

2121 Mason St., Stone Creek
Hoffman Village Apartments
Near the center of Sage Gardens, these apartments usually hold students as its residents as they come off cheap and comfortable. Ian Kiefer lived here in apartment #34. 

1509 Mango St., Stone Creek
Briggs Home
With his wife’s help, Clifton built them the perfect modern home in the secluded street of Mango Lane. But he found himself alone when Audrey filed for divorce in 2011. After Lucian was born, Cassie moved in so that Clifton could watch over the two.

Luther Church
Once owned by Rueben Luther, one of the first settlers in Stone Creek, after his death his son sold the church and left the sleepy town behind for new ventures. Now owned by the City Council many weddings, ceremonies and funerals had been held inside the church and with the convenience of the Cemetery and Coroners on it’s grounds most residents are affiliated with the church.

Now Town
As most town's upgrade and blossom into cities, Stone Creek isn't left behind. Molded to become Stone Creeks new center of town, what most people call "Now Town" is littered with skyscrapers, up-scale restaurants and bustling apartment's with eager new citizens.

Thurlow Enterprises
The offices of James Thurlow and Frank Nelson reside in this ten story building that houses the business aspect of the company. While the majority of Stone Creek works at the mill, quite a few have found jobs here as well. Emily Roscoe was James' secretary and Isobel Cortez was Frank's. Bentley Wilkinson also works in the building, while Lucy Hahn had been transferred to the Sunset Valley branch.

HEAT Headquarters
Every town is complete when a major magazine sets up shop in their city limits. Helen Schmidt owns and runs this fashion magazine that she desirably named HEAT. Although it is mostly caught in the shadows of the scandalous lifestyle Helen lives, the company is keeping itself afloat. Mac Kern was Helen's personal assistant while Natalie Marlowe and Cassie Lakhani modeled for the company. Oliver Cuthbert was the main photographer. 

An up-scale restaurant that only takes reservations weeks in advanced. Most of the elite in Stone Creek have tables reserved through-out the next two years just incase they have to arrange a business meeting or head a family intervention. It hold's its restaurant on top of a twenty story hotel.

Joplin & Maverick Law firm
The Joplin family has been in Stone Creek for decades and thus is the primary law firm for its residents. Once located in Sage Garden's, when the family was assured success in Now Town, the current building was constructed and they partnered with the Maverick family. Kevin Saunders was one of the best lawyers here. Diem Joplin resigned so she could be a private investigator.

Candle Light City Park
For those who don’t want to venture into the depths of Sage Gardens to visit a park, Candle Light was created for the leisure that one craves. Was once thought created to help keep the division of the two societies.

2634 W. Parker St., Stone Creek
The Callahan Condos
A cheap set of vertical condos that resides in Now Town. Known for its collection of young and struggling inhabitants, its location surprisingly is near the very busy business district of ‘Now Town’ and the Candle Light City Park is in a two-block walk. Marina and Cassie shared a condo, while Greta moved in with her boyfriend, Miles. Taylor Kern and Dizzy Roberts live here as well.

2300 Cranberry St., Stone Creek
The Stone Creek Apartment Complex
Modeled to be the new direction the city was going with, this mildly expensive complex is located in the busy business district of ‘Now Town’ and gives the residents spacious and slick living arrangements. Mac lives here while Greta moved out of Ryan and Bentley’s apartment. Lucy and Abigail have both resided here.

420 N. Dayton St, Stone Creek
Saunders Home
Deciding to move himself closer to the Law Firm, Kevin picked this house out with his ex-wife, Melanie. When she moved out he decided to keep the home for convenience and eventually asked Charlene to move in, but once their relationship ended, she moved back to the Holly Oak Manor leaving Kevin alone, once again. Adrian and Gail now reside here as of 2012.

Kelly’s Boutique
The owner of her own clothing shop, Kelly Marlowe, mostly sales other people’s work in her Boutique now. She was once known as a very lucrative designer but has since made it her priority to focus on Jared. Still, a very popular store in ‘Now Town’.

Sutton Enterprises
Owned by Patrick Sutton, the building holds the Sutton business where all operations are held. It also contains a restaurant, coffee shop and another minor law office. Catalina Cortez once worked here. Ryan Bauer works for Patrick.

813 Crystal Hill St., Stone Creek
Bayou Oaks Condos
Known for its spacious Condos, built in the center of Now Town, the building has two-sets of Condos. Both sets of Condos have a second level that looks down into the Kitchen and Living Areas. Aidan Jurado lives here.

Stone Creek Memorial Hospital
Known for its historical Schmidt family, the hospital has been a main staple in Stone Creek and is now located in ‘Now Town’. The hospital largely deals with medical research. Daphne is a surgeon here, while David Schmidt is a doctor. Gail works in the pharmacy as lead technician. Dizzy is an OB/GYN.

Stone Creek Police Department
Gideon Wilkinson is police chief, taking over the position from his adopted father, Grady. Advanced for a growing city, the police station is well respected and the cops familiar with most the residents in the city. Miles Fowler is a detective here.

Stone Creek Ledger
The local newspaper for Stone Creek, its success rests on the fact that they tell the stories and news that the residents demand. Covering most topics, they sometimes include articles about the personal lives of some of Stone Creek’s most prominent residents, but the Editor, Seth Keeler, will have your neck if you ever called it a gossip newspaper. Marina Thurlow and Leia Joplin work here.

A sheik new breakfast bar where the line can take anywhere from an hour to two hours to get a table. The food is mildly priced but rich in organic products, freshly made orange juice and also set in the urban sprawl of ‘Go Green’. If you’re not here before 3pm you’ll miss out on what everyone is talking about’ is their slogan. They also serve Bloody Mary’s as their signature cocktail.

The Pit, Fitness & Athletics Club
Located in the new urban sprawl of Now Town between The Callahan Condo’s and Crunch is the newest fitness gym, ‘The Pit’ where you can run into many faces of Stone Creek. Complete with a pool, tennis & basketball courts, a full gym and a mini healthy eating snack bar. Come into The Pit for any of your fitness or health needs!